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Quality Assurance
K K IRON KKI follows the quality control system as per the ISO 9001-2008 standards awarded by SIS certification USA for establishing a reputation in manufacturing, testing &supplying the quality product and achieving the total customer satisfaction.

Design Reviews: Design reviews are conducted at various stages of design and development activities based on the reports of Design validation , development-testing , qualification testing , field trials performance , field failure analysis , improvements based on failure .

Non-Conformance Reviews: The root cause analysis is done based on the reports of inward inspection , in-process inspection , final inspection , customer complaints and from Service Engineers are reviewed periodically during non-conformance reviews. Major or repetitive non-conformances are identified from these reports and detailed investigation and analysis is done . Corrective actions are framed out and necessary design and process improvements are carried out .

Calibration of Test Equipment: All the test and measuring equipment, gauges, jigs and fixtures used at various stages of inspections ,testing and manufacturing are periodically calibrated. Wherever internal facilities do not meet the requirement, calibration is done externally from NABL approved laboratories.

Training: A dedicated training system is in place to train R&D Engineers, Staff involved in special process ,Service Engineers, Customer personnel. Service Engineers are continuously updated for the products they are responsible and improve their skills and knowledge. They are also cross trained on other products to increase their knowledge on the range of products KKI offers.

Quality Audits: Quality audits form an important part of Quality Assurance program, Performance of quality functions at various departments, their documents and quality records are audited periodically as per ISO 9001:2008 standards. All non-conformances are recorded and corrective action plans are drawn. Implementation of corrective actions also forms one of the inputs for future audits. KKI management periodically reviews the reports during management reviews. Apart from monitoring the performance, this helps in improving the quality system as a whole.

Inspection and Testing: The equipment undergoes inspection for Quality Assurance in various stages of production. Stage inspections and sub-assembly level tests are conducted to monitor various parameters. Random sampling is done to ensure consistency of the production process. Routine test are conducted on the final products before dispatch, to ensure consistent quality levels. At periodic intervals, sample units are picked randomly and Surprise Inspection is carried out.

Continual Improvement: All the data collected through internal audits, corrective actions, preventive actions, management reviews, customer complaints, field failures etc., is monitored, analyzed and targets are set for bringing continual improvement in the quality management system of products and customer services. Employees are also urged to come up with different ideas for improving quality and reducing cost (material or labour) of various manufactured components. Ideas are evaluated on these criteria and are adopted as part of the continual improvement program. Employees who come up with ideas with substantial quality improvement or cost reduction are given appreciation letters and are awarded.